To ensure the quality of our manpower services and to meet our clients requirements, we educate, upgrade and qualify all our crew in top of the line training schools and certify their skillsets with International Standards in safety, evacuation, sea survival and competency in skill set.


Ponco is committed to the Health and Safety of all its stakeholders. We send our crew for safety and competency training, and skills upgrading at schools and training centres that meet international standards. Our certifications are always genuine (something our clients demand and appreciate) and can be verified with the relevant authorities.

Employees good health is vital to us and we send our employees for regular medical check-ups and encourage healthy work life balance. Ponco provides free healthy lunches to all its employees on all working days. Workplace safety is of paramount importance to us and all precautions are taken to avoid accidents and injuries in the workplace. Ponco models it's occupational health and safety standards based on OHSAS:18001 and is targeting to get certified in the near future.


Ponco recognizes it has an important role in society, and aims to achieve a sustainable long term relationship with all its stakeholders. Ponco is constantly updating its processes and practices to ensure minimal impact to our natural environment. We strongly believe we play a big part in providing our people with jobs and income to support their families and loved ones.


ISO:9001 Quality Management System
We are pleased to announce that Ponco has achieved the prestigious ISO:9001 for quality management systems accredited by Lloyds.