Contract signings for Ponco in September 2015

Ponco has just been awarded a 10 month contract to supply drilling crew and manpower services to Jack-Up Rig COSL Seeker in Singapore and Indonesia. Ponco has been supplying manpower to COSL since 2012 and we are proud to announce that this partnership has been extended to Q2 2016. COSL Seeker will work in Surabaya, Indonesia for HUSKY. Ponco will continue to work and live our core values of Safety, Teamwork, Education and Professionalism. These are exciting times for us as we operate in familiar waters off Surabaya where we also provided the manpower for KS Drilling’s Javastar Jack-up Rig.

Ponco is also pleased to announce that we have secured both the catering and labour contract for the Norshore Atlantic. The newly built drill ship will have operations in Singapore and Indonesia. Ponco is honoured to secure Norshore as a new client and looks forward to working with Norshore for many years to come.